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Embed Google Docs
Embed Google Docs

How to embed Google Docs Document in your Heybase Sales Room

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If you're using Google Docs for your documents, you can now easily embed Google Google Docs documents into your rooms.

Get Embed link of Google Docs:

  1. Publish Google Docs - Go to Files > Share > And Select the "Publish to Web" option.

  2. In Pop-up, Click on Publish button.

  3. Copy the link from the text box.

To Embed Google Docs document, in your Sales Room:

  1. Open Heybase, and Go to Editor

  2. Find and Pick the "Google Docs block" in the Left side panel, and Drag-and-Drop it to the Canvas of the desired section.

  3. Enter the copied link in the popup that appeared and click on the “Save” button

Now, your document will be embedded in the Sales Room.

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