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Dynamic Personalization

Learn how to declare variables in template and provide values while creating the room from template

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Dynamic personalization enables you to define custom variables in templates. These variables will be replaced with values when you create a room from the template.

This means that you can easily personalize your rooms while using custom templates, without having to manually find and replace the text - such as First Name, Company Name etc.

Creating Variables in Template

Declaring variables is very easy in the Template Editor: Simply type the variable name in double curly brackets, like this: {{variable_name}}.

For Example: {{First_Name}}, {{Company_Name}} etc.

Note: You can only create variables while creating the template (not a room).

Using Variables while creating a new room

When creating a new room from a template with variables, clicking on the "Use this Template" button in the Template Library will bring up a pop-up with variables. Here, you can provide the values and click on "Create" to proceed.

You can choose to provide variable values later (after editing the room created from the template) by clicking on the "Skip this for now" button on the Variable Popup. You will be landed in to the Room Editor.

Whenever you want to provide values for variables, you can click on the Variable icon in the upper right corner and Variable Pop-up will appear, where you can provide the Values.

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